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Saturday, November 21, 2015

[NFSMW] Ferrari 458 Italia LibertyWalk

Ferrari 458 Italia LibertyWalk
Replaces: Ford GT
From: NFS No Limits
Converted to MW by TURBO90


How to install...?
1.You need NFSMW Mod Loader to work
2.Browse where is you're nfsmw installed directory
4.Done! Enjoy your day!

-EA & Firemonkeys
-Autodesk 3DS Max 2012
-Arushan NFSMW Mod Tools
-nfsu360 modding tool
-Oleg ZModeler
-Adobe Photoshop CS3
-You for downloading my mod

sorry my bad english... i'm from indonesia and still learning english

Facebook: Wahyu Lancer
Twitter: @lancer_wahyu
Web: http://hackerzoneunited.blogspot.com
Instagram: wahyulancer
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk5LfebPnkXZVxahE3Zyy6w
Facebook Group:
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Ferrari 458 Italia LibertyWalk - (Mediafire)
Ferrari 458 Italia LibertyWalk - (GTRCars)


PenjagaWarnet said...

izin sedot+sekalian ninggalin jejak dulu ya gan..

Android Psycho said...

are those body kit also material from nfs no limits?
as far as i know ferrari 458 cannot be customized in nfs no limits, it means there is no bodykit available and always appear as stock car.

Wahyu Lancer said...

i know the 458 cannot be customized in nfsnl, and I spent my time to modeling that body kit, see this link hackerzoneunited.blogspot.co.id/2015/11/wip-ferrari-458-italia-libertywalk-lb.html

Android Psycho said...

oh i see, then you've already done a great job, stock car is boring you know ^_^,
so i am looking forward about nfs no limits car that you're going to make next, i hope you are consider making gt-r r35 or rx-7

Anonymous said...

no liveries ??

GT86/GT-R said...

try body kit 5/body part 6

Arista Setyawan said...

Bang.. caranya buat headlight flarenya secerah itu bagaimana ya? Vlt node valauenya berapa?

Unknown said...

why the hell there is no car for nfs mostwanted 2012 or for nfs ps2 ? why?? please some one answer me!!!

Wahyu Lancer said...

are stupid or crazy dumbass....

Unknown said...

Can you do this car stock with selected bodykits include LB? Sorry for english.

muhammad irsyad said...

can you make mazda rx-7 panspeed from GRID 2 and make silvia s15 RB paintable

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