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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MWPS Templates by FOX

FOX-Greetings MW modders, I hereby present you a little something that I've been working on since ~2010:
A complete set of 38 performance templates for all drivable NFSMW cars.
As an added bonus, I've included VLTedit for MW and NFSC [prototype from arushan] and some extended data listings that are scattered throughout this and other NFS-related sites.

MWPS Templates by FOX - (GTRCars)


MODD HUNtER said...

so in simple word can i make a car that has top speed, let say around 300 mph, become around 500 mph or something? and how download in gtrcar net?

Wahyu Lancer said...

You must log in first to download the file...
Dont use internet download manager .etc just use browser downloader to download fron gtrcars

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