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Sunday, December 14, 2014

NFSMW New Spoiler v1.0 by TURBO90

NFSMW New Spoiler v1.0
NFSMW New Spoiler v1.0 by TURBO90
Other spoiler will add soon... :D
How To Install...?
1. Backup your SPOILER folder in CARS\SPOILER
2. Copy and replace GEOMETRY.BIN
3. Open GlobalB.lzc in Archive number 2
4. Search texture name PC_LOAD and replace it with new texture
5. Save!
6. Done! Congrats you have a new spoiler :D
Download here (NFSCars)


Anonymous said...

Om kok pas saya buka GlobalB.Izc d nfs TexEd kok gabisa yah

agnaldo allace said...

aparece nenhum aerofolio

Gaming One said...

bro,kok spoilernya sedikit

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