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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lexus IS300 RSR

Lexus IS300 RSR
Lexus IS300 RSR
Replaces: Lexus IS300
Ripped from Need For Speed Most Wanted "2005
by TURBO90
How to install...?
1.You need NFSMW Mod Loader to work
2.Browse where is you're nfsmw installed directory
4.Done! Enjoy your day!
-Livery by Me
-EA ---> Mesh and Texture
-Autodesk ---> 3DS Max 2012
-Arushan ---> to make this possible in mw
-Oleg ---> Zmodeler
-Adobe ---> Photoshop CS3
-nfsu360 ---> NFS TexEd
-You for downloading my mod
sorry my bad english... i'm from indonesia and still learning english
Facebook: Wahyu Lancer
Twitter: @lancer_wahyu
NFS Indonesia Grup:
Instagram: wahyulancer
Download here (NFSCars)


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